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Title: Winners of the CRUSH PARTY contest
Post by: Loki on February 13, 2020, 09:00:27 PM
Dear users, First of all I want to apologize to the 4 winners of the contest for the delay in delivering their prizes. We have been very busy setting up the new deepweb and we are almost ready to put it online. This last contest was not as participatory as we expected, which is why the next contest that will start in a few hours, will require a minimum of 20 points to receive your rewards.

So these are the 4 winners who already received their points and access to our Discord:

Sandals(High Heels) + Crawdads : Hank Pym >>> 27 Points
Sandals (High Heels) + Crabs : eNNNNe >>> 18 Points
Boots (High Heels) + Crawdads : toppa >>> 14 Points
Boots (High Heels) + Crabs : Clive69 >>> 6 Points

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In the next few hours, shuttle in next contest.