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Crush Fetish World (Soft Crush) / Re: To Tastis
« on: February 23, 2020, 09:09:15 PM »
For security reasons of our members, we do not allow the Newbie, Member and Full Member personal contacts to be passed directly to the public forum. The Master Member and Hero Member have access to the PM and can be contacted by private and there if messages can be exchanged


Crush Fetish World (Soft Crush) / Winners of the CRUSH PARTY contest
« on: February 13, 2020, 09:00:27 PM »
Dear users, First of all I want to apologize to the 4 winners of the contest for the delay in delivering their prizes. We have been very busy setting up the new deepweb and we are almost ready to put it online. This last contest was not as participatory as we expected, which is why the next contest that will start in a few hours, will require a minimum of 20 points to receive your rewards.

So these are the 4 winners who already received their points and access to our Discord:

Sandals(High Heels) + Crawdads : Hank Pym >>> 27 Points
Sandals (High Heels) + Crabs : eNNNNe >>> 18 Points
Boots (High Heels) + Crawdads : toppa >>> 14 Points
Boots (High Heels) + Crabs : Clive69 >>> 6 Points

In the next few hours, shuttle in next contest.


Crush Fetish World (Soft Crush) / Preview Rules
« on: February 03, 2020, 09:23:01 PM »
To make this site better and also you can make sure that the video you are downloading is exactly what you want, we will implement some changes. The first is this:

Starting today, ALL previews must meet the following requirements: The preview will be at least 16 frames (4x4) can have more frames, but not least, and the image should contain information of the clip (File Name, File Size, Resolution and Duration)

Below are some examples of how to be the previews.

To do this, you can download and use any of these three programs:

Video Thumbnails Maker 3.0 + Crack

Media Player Classic (Freeware)

Thumbnail me 3.0 (Freeware)

Or you can use any other program that can do previews that display the required information.

Examples of preview accepted:


Crush Fetish World (Soft Crush) / Re: Please refund my point..
« on: February 03, 2020, 02:26:15 AM »
The only way to recover the lost point is to report the post with the "Send Fix Request" button.


Crush Fetish World (Soft Crush) / Re: Buy Points, GOLDs and Platinum
« on: February 02, 2020, 07:59:06 PM »
In case I wish to purchase other points, can I send BTC to the same address or should I ask for a new address everytime?

Bitcoin addresses always change after receiving a payment, but old addresses are 100% functional, you can pay to the same address as many times as you want. Just notify when you make the payment


Crush Fetish World (Soft Crush) / Re: FYI Mr. Gustavo and Loki are famous
« on: January 31, 2020, 05:16:31 AM »
LOL! You are wrong, I am not famous ... I am a LEGEND!  8)


Estas jugando demasiado al Apex Legends gus, se te va a secar el cerebro  :P :P :P :P

7 our discord channel, there will only be Fakka, and the 3 moderators, so it is a bit boring.
Do you remember me suggesting prizes for first 3 places in last contest?  8)

Yes, and I said no, there is only prize for first place


Dear users: The contest "Barefeet Seasson" has finished. The winner is the user "Fakka". Congratulations!!!
I want to remind user Fakka that to receive their Premium membership in the forum, you must register.

The following season contest "Crush Party" will begin in a few hours. The success of the contest was so great that we decided to make it permanent. This time, there will be 4 contests:

Sandals (High Heels) + Crawdads
Boots (High Heels) + Crawdads
Sandals (High Heels) + Crabs
Boots (High Heels) + Crabs.

4 contests in 1. If there is 1 winner in 2 or more categories, the winner of the next ranking will be chosen as winner. In total, 4 winners must come out.
This is because in our discord channel, there will only be Fakka, and the 3 moderators, so it is a bit boring. With the next 4 winners of the "Crush Party" season our discord will have 5 members and will grow over time.

Remember that you must put the categories of the video correctly or you will not receive points for the contest and the moderators will not change the categories manually. It is the responsibility of each contestant to ensure that the categories are correct.
Also remember that the categories cited in the contest that are less than HD resolution (1280x720) will be placed in the OLD VIDEOS section, so they will not receive points for the contest. Only videos of resolution 1280x720 and above participate in the contest.
In addition, this time only the videos that are published from the beginning of the contest will participate. Videos posted before the contest date do not participate in the contest

The prizes for each winner of each category are the following:

100 Points
Premium membership in the Fatalfeet forum (*)
(*) The premium membership in the forum will allow you to post without moderation, publish your email freely, view the emails of other members, send PM to any of the members and access our Discord channel to exchange videos with other members

The contest will end on February 9

If you have questions or find an error in the system, you can comment on this post.

Loki ~

At least we know.

Can you please clarify what you mean by HC? I assume you mean living creatures, like what has been traditionally allowed on fetishare. Or do you mean BIGGER living creatures only (rabbits, mice, vertebrates, etc)?

Victims that are not allowed in UnderFeet will be allowed on the DeepWeb ... you understand, it is not necessary to say  ;)


Dear users: As almost everyone knows, before Gustavo's retirement, he decided to give control of the Fetishare, UnderFeet and DeepWeb websites. Today I received the news that the person who received control of fetishare has given up the project due to lack of budget. This means that we can officially declare the end of To be clear: FETISHARE WILL NOT RETURN. This is unfortunate, but nothing lasts forever. There were 10 full years of great and very good videos and Fetishare changed the way of sharing videos, but in the end, it all ends. His younger sister, UnderFeet.Store will be responsible for continuing Gustavo's legacy

As for the Deep Web, this is a bit more complicated. The control of the DeepWeb was given to Foucellas, a former Fetishare moderator, but for several weeks, all contact with him was lost. He does not respond to emails and according to Gustavo his last connection on WhatsApp was more than a month ago. We do not know if something happened to him or if he simply lost interest, but it is strange because Foucellas was always someone very active in all his social networks, and he has not published anything in any of them for more than a month ... sincerely, all his old companions, we wish him well.

This leaves me in a very awkward position, because everyone asks me when the DeepWeb will return. My answer is: I DON'T KNOW, I don't even know if he will come back.

However, seeing the great interest in a DeepWeb, I talked with Gustavo about the possibility that I could create a new deepweb. Gus told me that I was totally free to do what I wanted with the UnderFeet script, and that if I wanted to create a DeepWeb, that was my decision.

Therefore, my team and I have already started working on a new website on the DeepWeb. We think it will be ready in a few days.

But they have to take into account some things:

1.- It will not be a "clone" of UnderFeet. The DeepWeb database will be empty. Members must register again in the DeepWeb and start from 0.

2.- Only HC material will be published, Soft material will not be accepted in the DeepWeb, for that there is UnderFeet.

3.- No points will be used in the DeepWeb. The "currency" that will be used in the DeepWeb will be the GOLD. (The GOLD in UnderFeet, will stop being used and will be converted to Normal Points at a ratio of 1x3).

4.- The GOLD and the Points will not be interchangeable. DeepWeb GOLDs cannot be converted to UnderFeet Points, and UnderFeet Points cannot be converted to GOLD in the DeepWeb.

Unfortunately, the distribution of the 3 websites was very wasteful, reaching the point that the administrators did not know which of the sites we had to manage. But now everything is much clearer, at least for me. UnderFeet is the only website that I manage. And soon, I will also manage a new DeepWeb.

I hope this satisfies the wishes of many to have HC website

More news, coming soon.


Crush Fetish World (Soft Crush) / Re: Buy Points, GOLDs and Platinum
« on: January 16, 2020, 09:22:32 AM »
I wrote to [email protected] as per instructions.
Subject was "I'd like to buy some points".
Email sent Mon, 13 Jan 2020 21:05:34 +0100.

Is there any other way to contact you? Like PM or something?
Maybe you can send instructions as 'Admin Notify' on

Ah, ok, for some reason, your email went to the spam folder. You can make the payment to this Bitcoin address: 3JUebudNmufk9kjxTmFcrwSsANcgSPuf7u


Crush Fetish World (Soft Crush) / Re: Buy Points, GOLDs and Platinum
« on: January 15, 2020, 07:29:31 AM »
Sent an email yesterday.
Looking forward to purchasing my first points.

I have not received any email about buying points


Crush Fetish World (Soft Crush) / Re: New Contest: Underglass Season
« on: January 12, 2020, 08:37:57 PM »
Hello, how about prices for second and third place?

There is only prize for first place

Crush Fetish World (Soft Crush) / New Seccion: OLD VIDEOS (Updated)
« on: January 11, 2020, 11:31:58 PM »
Dear users: As of yesterday, only high quality videos will be published in the main section of www.UnderFeet.Store. The old videos, which were published many times and videos that although new, were edited to lower the quality and make the files smaller, will be published in the OLD VIDEOS section:

Videos that have these characteristics, but not limited to them, will be published in the OLD VIDEOS section:

.- Videos that have a resolution lower than HD (1280x720)
.- Videos too old or already published too many times.
.- Videos smaller than 150 Megabytes.
.- New HD videos but they were compressed too much, to the point that the image quality is very low and pixelated. Not always having a high resolution means good image quality. A Full HD 1920x1080 video but whose compression has a very low Bitrate, results in horrible image quality.
.- Badly categorized videos. Example: If a video is clearly from Crush Goddess and the user categorizes it as Crush Cuties, it will go to the OLD VIDEOS section. This is at the discretion of each moderator. If a moderator decides to take the job of correcting the error and publish it in the main section, that is his decision. There have also been many users who place "unknow" to all categories. These videos will go directly to the OLD VIDEOS section, regardless of the quality or how new it is.

Each moderator has the power to publish any video in both sections at his discretion. But in the description of the video, he will give his reason why a video that does not comply with the aforementioned standards was published in the main section.

Update: The videos of some classic stores like Chloe Creations, and other well-known ones whose videos were already of natively low resolutions, can be placed in the main section, but this is subject to the criteria of each moderator. But if this resolution falls below 640x480, it will be immediately placed in the OLD VIDEOS section regardless of the store or its age. This rule can change if there is a contest.

Update 2: If you post 5 or more low resolution videos in the same post, they will be posted in the main section.


Crush Fetish World (Soft Crush) / Re: bug with thumbs on
« on: January 11, 2020, 11:27:16 PM »
Fixed. Thanks!

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