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Oh my god! How much paranoia for a virus that has such a low mortality rate !!! Do you know that it is more dangerous than covid-19 or better said SARS-CoV-2? (SASR Version 2.0 lol): Fear and disinformation. Coronaviruses are responsible for common colds, and the influenza virus causes far more deaths than this "new" virus. Everyone here (Rorasio, Argentina) is afraid of SARS-CoV-2, and they lived together all summer with dengue-transmitting mosquitoes and there are thousands of Dengue infected in the country, there are thousands of cases of tuberculosis and measles, surely because of fault those mindless anti-vaccine people. The "Argentine Hemorrhagic Fever", the Hantavirus, Chagas, and many other more serious diseases than the Coronavirus, it is a miracle that people are alive in this country! The "success" of the coronavirus is that it has a better press hahaha. Remember when the fashionable pandemic was Flu-A? just ask yourself: what are we not seeing?

Changing the subject: Why is it taking so long to put a simple DeepWeb server online? It is not much more complicated than a normal website ... if they need help, why don't they ask me?


Crush Fetish World (Soft Crush) / Re: FYI Mr. Gustavo and Loki are famous
« on: February 02, 2020, 08:39:55 AM »

Estas jugando demasiado al Apex Legends gus, se te va a secar el cerebro  :P :P :P :P

Lo dice el que no sube de ranking BRONZE  ;D Cuando subas a PREDATOR, hablamos jajaja. A ver cuando te pasás a tomar unos mates, puto!  :P


Crush Fetish World (Soft Crush) / Re: FYI Mr. Gustavo and Loki are famous
« on: January 30, 2020, 09:13:16 AM »
LOL! You are wrong, I am not famous ... I am a LEGEND!  8)


Suki is a girl who is always in a good mood when she makes crushing videos, and always makes jokes and comments acid and sarcastic, we have a lot of fun making videos together. Here goes one of those momentary ... besides, Suki crushes a snail just to make her parody ... it's not in any normal video or custon ... that snail just died crushed under Suki's feet, just for fun...  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
If you can't play it directly, you can download it and play it on your computer.
I hope you enjoy.


Today we filmed several custom videos with Suki and several bloopers came out ... this is one of them. It has some hand and feet crushing in addition to the blooper. I hope you like XDDDD.
If you can't play it directly, you can download it and play it on your computer.


Gus, veo que esto se está convirtiendo en una guerra abierta! no te parece que ya es hora de activar el protocolo FIESTA SALVAJE? JUA JUA! Eso los dejaría culo pal norte  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Jajaja, no no no, tranquilo, esto recién comienza y apenas se está poniendo divertido, paciencia amigo que me tomé vacaciones hasta el mes de febrero , osea tengo mucho tiempo libre estos días  ;) ni siquera lo verán venir XDDDDD


Ah, I forgot to tell you something: If they didn't realize, Suki was pregnant in these videos !!!

Friends, as you know, the mentally retarded Sandal, is "giving away" clips of Suki in the "Crushtrash" forum. Actually those clips are more than 10 years old, they are of very low resolution and poor quality. If you want to do piracy, do it well. I think you deserve better than those old clips, which is why here I give you the videos of Suki with better quality. They are also somewhat old, but they are in HD and of good quality. I will upload them all so that everyone can enjoy them ... they have my permission and Suki to upload the videos that I publish here in this post, to upload them wherever they want and share them freely.
Suki now only works by making Custom Clips, so you don't need to sell them in a store. You can make your custom orders on Suki's Instagram, Facebook and VK:

Soon I will upload more videos of Suki. And remember: We can do piracy freely because the "Crushrat" forum also does them


SukiCrush01a   ADDED ON : Sun, 01 Jul 2018
Category: Boots-Snails
Suki Satomi crushes several lucky snails with her boots. Picture in picture with full body camera. Suki talks a lot in his videos in perfect English. You also crush some snails with their hands.

LENGTH : 7:38 mins   FORMAT : H.264 MP4 Encoder
FILESIZE : 499 MB   RESOLUTION : 1280x720 (60 Fps)

SukiCrush01b   ADDED ON : Mon, 02 Jul 2018
Category: Boots-Snails
Suki Satomi crushes several lucky snails with her boots. Picture in picture with full body camera. Suki talks a lot in his videos in perfect English. You also crush some snails with their hands. Full Body Camera Version

LENGTH : 7:37 mins   FORMAT : H.264 MP4 Encoder
FILESIZE : 502 MB   RESOLUTION : 1080x1920 (60 fps)

SukiCrush02a   ADDED ON : Mon, 02 Jul 2018
Category: Sandals-Snails
Suki Satomi crushes snails with her high-heeled sandals. Suki humiliates and mocks his victims in perfect English. In addition 2 beetles appear on stage and Suki makes them creak under their soles. She also crushes a couple of snails with her fingers and fist.

LENGTH : 12:46 mins   FORMAT : H.264 MP4 Encoder
FILESIZE : 880 MB   RESOLUTION : 1280x720 (60 Fps)

SukiCrush02b   ADDED ON : Mon, 02 Jul 2018
Category: Sandals-Snails
Suki Satomi crushes snails with her high-heeled sandals. Suki humiliates and mocks his victims in perfect English. In addition 2 beetles appear on stage and Suki makes them creak under their soles. She also crushes a couple of snails with her fingers and fist. Full Body Camera Version.

LENGTH : 12:46 mins   FORMAT : H.264 MP4 Encoder
FILESIZE : 876 MB   RESOLUTION : 720x1280 (60 fps)

SukiSatomiCrush03 - Selfy Cam   ADDED ON : Tue, 03 Jul 2018
Category: Pumps-Snails
Suki Satomi crushes snails with pumps. This video has a "Selfy Cam" where Suki talks to the viewer while his victims are being crushed under her feet. Her expressions are really sexy, and you can see how much Suki enjoys torturing and crushing her lucky victims (With a small blooper at the end of the clip).

LENGTH : 7:19 mins   FORMAT : H.264 MP4 Encoder
FILESIZE : 533 MB   RESOLUTION : 1920x1080 (60 fps)

SukiCrush04a   ADDED ON : Wed, 04 Jul 2018
Category: Sandals-Snails
Suki crushes many snails with high heeled sandals filming her massacre with a camera in hand, to shoot another video from Suki?s point of view. You can hear the crunch of the snails and see their remains stuck in the sole of the sandals of suki. A small snail tries to escape, but Suki sees it ... imagine the terror of that little snail baby when Suki puts on him, that big foot with the remains of the bodies of the other snails stuck in her sole of her unleashing on him to crush it ...

LENGTH : 7:29 mins   FORMAT : H.264 MP4 Encoder
FILESIZE : 439 MB   RESOLUTION : 1920x1080 (60 fps)

SukiCrush04b - Sukis point of view   ADDED ON : Sat, 07 Jul 2018
Category: Sandals-Snails
This video is the same as SukiCrush4a, but Suki camera in hand filming her massacre from Sukis point of view

LENGTH : 6:51 mins   FORMAT : H.264 MP4 Encoder
FILESIZE : 488 MB   RESOLUTION : 1920x1080 (60 fps)

SukiCrush05 - Special Request   ADDED ON : Tue, 10 Jul 2018
Category: Barefeet-Snails
This video is a special request from one of the fan of Suki. Suki crushes snails by stomping with barefeet. Some snails tried to climb the feet of Suki to try save themselves from being stepped on by Sukis feet, but none of their victims can scape their feet. This video has a Selfy Cam

LENGTH : 11:10 mins   FORMAT : H.264 MP4 Encoder
FILESIZE : 808 MB   RESOLUTION : 1920x1080 (60 fps)

SukiSatomiCrush06   ADDED ON : Tue, 21 Aug 2018
Category: Flip-Flops-Snails
Suki Satomi crushes many snails under the soles of her Flip-Flops. Suki, as always, laughs a lot and mocks her victims as they are crushed cruelly by the goddess Suki. The creaking of their small bodies can be heard perfectly while Suki describes what happens while crushing them.

LENGTH : 7:47 mins   FORMAT : H.264 MP4 Encoder
FILESIZE : 560 MB   RESOLUTION : 1920x1080

SukiSatomiCrush07   ADDED ON : Wed, 22 Aug 2018
Category: Sandals-Snails
Suki crushes several snails with red flat sandals. As always, Suki laughs a lot and mocks her victims before crushing them. To a very small snail, Suki crushes him cruelly only with her big toe, and the poor snail easily falls apart under the power of his big toe. She also crushes a snail with her bare foot, because she likes to feel her victims crush. Another snail is crushed inshoe.

LENGTH : 7:08 mins   FORMAT : H.264 MP4 Encoder
FILESIZE : 511 MB   RESOLUTION : 1920x1080 (60 fps)

SukiSatomiCrush08   ADDED ON : Sat, 25 Aug 2018
Category: Flip-Flops-Snails
Suki Satomi crushes many snails with her flip-flops. Some snails tried to escape through the wall, but Suki could not allow it, so they died cruelly and slowly crushed while listening to the sweet sound of the creaking of their small and fragile shells. The remains of the snails stuck in the sole of their flip-flops demonstrate the devastating massacre provoked by Suki's feet

LENGTH : 8:54 mins   FORMAT : H.264 MP4 Encoder
FILESIZE : 641 MB   RESOLUTION : 1920x1080 (60 fps)

Crush Fetish World (Soft Crush) / I have a lot of news for you, friends...
« on: December 15, 2019, 07:33:52 AM »
Friends, I have many news for you, some good and others not so much.
But first I want to start by thanking everyone who tried to notify me that my friend Natalia's videos were being shared on the crushtalk forum. But the reality is that Natalia is not my model and her videos are not my property. She has only made 4 videos for me, because I have asked for them, in the same way that Natalia also made videos for CrushedPetalClips, but that the producer had to remove them because everyone thinks she is my model, lol.,1058.0.html

Natalia is not my model, I'm sorry for her, because she is a really good girl, but it doesn't affect me at all to post her clips. Who is my official model and always will be, is Suki Satomi.

Natalia and I had not talked to each other for almost a year, and when I sent her a Whats App and told her about this situation, of course she was not happy, but she said she knew this could happen. But she did not bother so much because in recent days she said she received many friend requests from her VK ( and many emails ([email protected]) with video request and custom , so maybe, just maybe, this was beneficial.

However, this situation is good for us, because now, video sharing is supported by the official CF-Zone forum, Crushtalk !!! By allowing to post videos on that forum, they are saying that sharing crush fetish videos with copyright is fine. Unless they have a double standard and believe that piracy is only fine when they are not videos of them, and that their videos are the only ones that must be protected by copyright ... Surely it should not be that, I am sure that They are now endorsing that piracy of crush fetish videos is fine. So friends, to upload videos freely that if they can, we can too !!!

The irony is that I have a store in CF-Zone that is in the name of my partner, but that is really mine and so far none of them have noticed hahaha. I know I shouldn't say it, because now they will be more attentive, but my huge ego is not easy to control hahaha

Another thing that they also told me is that Mrs. Alexandria accuses me of having hacked her website and downloaded her videos to share ... I do not know when I became a hacker hahaha, but I will respond in an open letter I will write here in this forum shortly.

Well now the notices:
As you may have noticed, is still offline and now also for a few weeks, the DeepWeb is also off.

This is because finally the control of both servers definitely passed to "Foucelas", the new French Administrator to whom I sold both servers. Well, it is not really a sale, it is rather an exchange, but the thing is that now I am definitely disconnected from Fetishare and the Deep Web. But do not worry, on January 1, 2020 Fetishare will be online again but the domain will no longer be in my name and the DeepWeb will also return, but with exclusive HC content.
The details will be given by Foucelas at the time.

Of course, even if I am retired, all crushtalk puppies see me (and my supposed multiple personalities hahaha) in every inconvenience or discomfort that someone causes them. I will not lie and say that I do not like this ... quite the opposite. Bill was right about something: My ego is too big, and I don't care if you talk right or wrong about me, what matters is that you talk about me anyway. As you have already noticed: I AM INEVITABLE hahaha.

Another piece of news regarding the world of crush fetish is that, as many will have noticed, Heelme was begging for alms (and in quite pathetic and unworthy ways lol) to supposedly keep the OCMB forum online. What he was actually doing, is raising funds from the idiots who donated there, to finance his new crush fetish shop, similar to XXXFM ... He has already sown the first bases for this: In the forum section that is only for those who wasted their money, there is a crush fetish video shop section ... and is selling some of the old videos of stores that were inactive in XXXFM (in addition to other stores) ... that way they will continue to raise funds for go back to the business of selling crush fetish videos. Of course, don't believe me ... just wait ... time will prove me right ... you will soon see.

Do I have a deja vu? No one remembers that XXXFM started in a very similar way?

In a more pleasant news, I tell you that the television channel of which I am the owner, received the concession to broadcast the carnivals of Victoria and Gualeguaychú the next carnival of 2020. They are not as large as the carnivals of Brazil, but they are the 2 most Great carnivals of Argentina.

And what does this have to do with crush fetish? You may ask. Well, it's very simple: The times I went to Victoria to see the carnivals, I found that on the floor of the street where the girls pass, they are always full of insects that fall attracted by the strong lights, and one of my great amusements it was to see how these insects were crushed by the beautiful girls with their boots and high heels while dancing totally indifferent to the massacre they left under their feet. Therefore, in my camera crew, I am going to assign one of them only to film the dancers crushing the insects in their path. I don't know how well these films will work out, but the attempt will be made to see what comes out. Of course, I will post the videos here on the Loki friend's forum so that they can be freely shared here, and even if they wish, also on OCMB and Crushtalk lol.

I accept ideas to make these videos come out as well as possible ... and do not worry about logistics, the expenses are paid by the companies sponsoring the carnival lol
Well, that's all for now, I will try to make time to spend more time in this forum ... maybe I retired from fetishare, but I will never retire from crush fetish.


He is not so stupid ... people are mostly stupid, disappears a few months and when you come back they will have forgotten what you did to them.
I give you an example: Yesterday there were elections in my country, and for 47% of Argentines voted for the same politicians who to 4 years ago stole and lied for 12 years! People believe that the same people who broke the country 4 years ago will be the ones who will now rescue the country from its crisis ... seriously, people are very stupid. As I said: people forget very quickly about how bad you do if you just leave the scene for a while


Well folks, many of you asked me if there was any way to download the videos from As many of you already know, Heelme's scoundrel is trying to get back into business by attacking and sabotaging cf-zone, wanting to make producers return to "work" with him and thus leave Marco in ruin.

My personal relationship with Marco was always cordial, and although we have not been in contact for a long time, I think it still is, we have never fought. Of course he needs to defend his business and some of the measures he has taken, I understand that it is to protect his business, I would have done it too (such as banning my account in cf-zone).

As an old saying goes: The enemy of my enemy is my friend. So I decided to intervene in this "war" declared in favor of the only person who helped the crush fetish after the brutal Heelme scam.

If someone created an account at, they will have realized that it is not possible to download the videos from that site, it is only possible to watch them online. And any attempt to download the videos through an exploit results in the automatic banning of the account. They really did a good job in terms of security. I worked with user Aiden Pearce, and we both had the same negative results.

But it does not mean that there is no way to get those videos on our hard drives ... lateral thinking on.

I am a gamer and streamer for years and I have the simplest solution that exists: play the video in full screen and use hardware to capture what we use the gamers, similar to this:
and there are also others cheaper and very good. This is an option but not the only one.

The other much cheaper option is to use capture software like this, and there are also many other programs that do the same and are freewares.

The only disadvantage is that we have to play the video from beginning to end and in full screen ... but if you have an account at, surely you have it to see the full videos ... Well, while watching each video, you can record it and have it on the hard drive to watch it whenever you want or even share it ... this system is completely undetectable by and your account will always be safe.

Then I will show you the result of a video to an example node ...

Meanwhile, here is a tutorial on how to use the Action! Replay and the best setting for those who already have accounts in yottabin start using it

GusThanos Coria

Crush Fetish World (Soft Crush) / Suki: Madness Returns (Teaser 1)
« on: August 10, 2019, 01:29:22 AM »
Hello friends, I have good news to give you: Last week Suki wrote me on WhatsApp to invite me to her house to eat and drink something because we had not seen each other for over a year. I accepted his invitation with great enthusiasm because I planned to encourage Suki to make crush videos again, since I miss that time a lot and I'm sure you do too.

But it was not necessary, since it was she who asked me for help to re-shoot videos of crush fetish, since the economic situation is not very good for people here in Argentina, and less for a woman alone with a child. She also said missing making videos and crushing small creatures.

So I decide to improvise some videos as a "Teaser" so that they can enjoy savoring what will come. We shot these Teaser with my cell phone, but as I said, they are only teasers ... the next video session will be with professional cameras, sound and  lighting. If you want to cooperate with Suki to continue making crush videos, you can follow her on her social networks that are at the end of the each teaser. (Clarification: I only help her with the videos for being a great friend and because she needs the money, but I do not charge a penny for them, in fact they will deal with herself in their networks, not with me

Without further delay, here is the first of a series of teasers ... I hope you enjoy it


Crush Fetish World (Soft Crush) / Re: Assault on the British crown !!
« on: July 31, 2019, 05:36:31 AM »
hahaha, How the Mighty Have Fallen !!! Heelme went from being an entrepreneur who boasted of having so much money and power to stop me, to a simple reseller of third-party videos, on a server owned by other people and making money with the work of other producers hahaha. It does not surprise me, the Englishmen were always pirates and thieves ... why would Heelme be different?

Everyone accused me of being "the axis of evil" in the world of crush fetish ... but the man who lied, stole, cheated and harmed both producers and customers, was this criminal called CLIVE, aka Heelme...


Crush Fetish World (Soft Crush) / Re: Reupload Team
« on: July 27, 2019, 11:22:57 PM »
They don't sell and most black girls are scared of bugs.

What a racist comment!  >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(


I have it  8)

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