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In my opinion, from someone with +20 years experience in filesharing an sysoperation, we need a better solution than external one click hosters (tried to download a lot of files there, but most of them are already down).

Option 1: self-hosted OCH script @ offshore hoster

We could rent a cheap vserver / raspberry pi colocation at a dmca resistant offshore hoster and install a OCH script e.g. linx-server on it ( ). For 10$/month we can get 60GB storage. Additional storage could even be purchased cheap by any S3 compatible hoster, as the ip / hoster backend isn't visible externally.

For additional security, if the hoster still complies to dmca or gets ddosed, we could and a second layer in form of a tor hidden service.

If there is any interest I could host some as beta-test. Otherwise, if there is a security concern, I would donate for server cost and explain the admins how to setup one by themself.

Option 2: DHT based trackerless torrents with magnet links

Instead of uploading to OCH, we could distribute files via bittorrent. Anyone who wants to contribute or increase his own privacy could buy a seedbox to keep files available 24/7. A 300GB seedbox costs about 5$/month. If there are some user who want to donate (like me), we would never have any dead files. Using different providers and homeconnections with vpn, the files get almost impossible to delete.

Instead of posting links to OCH or torrent files we would post magnet links which look like this and can be imported by all modern torrent clients:


What do you think? You can also contact me direcly to talk about the details.

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