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I would like to add to my above statement, that I am not representing or speaking on behalf of CF-Zone. I just happen to have a store there. (Thought that was clear from the beginning, but someone misunderstood...)

What happens to you, you give a pass forward and then you run away! You are free to sell your videos where you want, because you let the idiot sandal of crushtalk speak to you in that way, it is unfortunate, that a video buyer always talks like that to a producer, really inadmissible.


I have been requested by CF-Zone management to always make clear that I am not speaking on their behalf. That is fair although I was not aware that I had done anything to raise the suspicion.

It's pretty sad how much confusion I caused by offering free clips to people outside crushtalk. I see no reason not to share free material with everyone, buyer or not because I believe that free material is the key to selling other material. You get free previews of pretty much everything nowadays. My aim is to control what is free and what I get paid for. And if somebody refuses to go through a sales channel like CF-Zone it's sad for me because it means additional work, but if the order volume is right I am willing to invest time into maintaining a separate catalogue and informing interested clients via e-mail newsletter.

I am well aware that some people are looking for free rides only.I don't know their financial status but I just know that there are many people who really have a lack of liquid funds (partially due to an economic system that favors the rich and suppresses the poor, but this is not the time nor the place for a political discussion). Some of them will be crush freaks, too. And not all crush freaks are well paid concert pianists. If I give them free stuff today I hope to get two things - some little empathy for my situation as I am willing to share and second maybe some future sales if said person finds a more decent job and can afford to buy cllips.

I might be a fool, but I don't want to stop believing that if you talk reasonably to people you will get a fairly reasonable response back from most. I gotta live with the exceptions but cannot hate everyone indiscriminately.

P.S.: I do not know how many persona here are Gustavo, but actually that does not matter. I am talking to everyone. I have no money to offer for protection either and have never been asked to pay for protection by anyone. If I suffer any substantial loss in my crush production ventures due to whatever reason, the community is simply going to lose a producer, and it's hard to believe for me that anybody in their right mind would want that. If you like my products I'd be happy about your support. I try to create innovative clips, I am asking the community for their opinion, all with the goal in mind to reach a substantial portion of the market thus giving me enough profit per clip to allow me producing more quality material. I am producing this stuff because I like it, but if I should do it full time (and I could and have access to a truckload of pretty girls right now), I really need to sell clips more than 10 times and it seems that my readiness to talk to everyone caused some wealthy clients to entirely cease their support. Ironically I lost a very well paid management job over producing crush clips and being outed in the biggest local newspaper in the country I worked back in the times of my store on xxxfm. Should I be punished again now for trying to give something to the whole community..?

CF-Zone is a very valued business partner and it would hurt me to lose them because the majority of my sales comes from them. They do not demand any kind of exclusivity. They have their reasons for the registration process and I don't need to fully understand them to accept them since I am free to sell via any channel I deem fit. I have clients outside CFZ from before I even opened my store there. I push my e-mail out to everyone in the community because I also offer custom clips for everyone who has a special fantasy to fulfill. I cannot produce everything for various reasons be they legal or restrictions from the side of my models (whom I treat like the goddesses they are and whom I pay pretty well - they are guaranteed their share of each clip, while I put money on top of some of my free productions because I sometimes fail to meet the market needs.

Endless post over - sorry that it got so long...

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Send me preview video please!! >> [email protected]
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Please tell me how to open a Cf zone account. ㅠㅠ