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How can i paid for a points with bitcoin ?

How can i paid for a points with bitcoin ?
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The tor site need to be upgrade
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Author Topic: About mkvmx47mp7ma7mim.onion  (Read 452 times)

About mkvmx47mp7ma7mim.onion
« on: July 30, 2019, 03:04:06 AM »
I'm new in you're community and i have find you're tor service http://mkvmx47mp7ma7mim.onion.

The site have some problems :
- First you need to configure tor very low security with No no-script, because you have some javascript and other request, i have try to sign in, but that take me 10min.
- Second, The option "Buy Points" can't work, that open a link:;sa=view;article=1, and that say host no found. So how can i beggin to me a great member ?  ;)

At the moment you have a great content and i hop i can use you're service very great.
Thank for fast answer