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Author Topic: I have a lot of news for you, friends...  (Read 498 times)

I have a lot of news for you, friends...
« on: December 15, 2019, 07:33:52 AM »
Friends, I have many news for you, some good and others not so much.
But first I want to start by thanking everyone who tried to notify me that my friend Natalia's videos were being shared on the crushtalk forum. But the reality is that Natalia is not my model and her videos are not my property. She has only made 4 videos for me, because I have asked for them, in the same way that Natalia also made videos for CrushedPetalClips, but that the producer had to remove them because everyone thinks she is my model, lol.,1058.0.html

Natalia is not my model, I'm sorry for her, because she is a really good girl, but it doesn't affect me at all to post her clips. Who is my official model and always will be, is Suki Satomi.

Natalia and I had not talked to each other for almost a year, and when I sent her a Whats App and told her about this situation, of course she was not happy, but she said she knew this could happen. But she did not bother so much because in recent days she said she received many friend requests from her VK ( and many emails ([email protected]) with video request and custom , so maybe, just maybe, this was beneficial.

However, this situation is good for us, because now, video sharing is supported by the official CF-Zone forum, Crushtalk !!! By allowing to post videos on that forum, they are saying that sharing crush fetish videos with copyright is fine. Unless they have a double standard and believe that piracy is only fine when they are not videos of them, and that their videos are the only ones that must be protected by copyright ... Surely it should not be that, I am sure that They are now endorsing that piracy of crush fetish videos is fine. So friends, to upload videos freely that if they can, we can too !!!

The irony is that I have a store in CF-Zone that is in the name of my partner, but that is really mine and so far none of them have noticed hahaha. I know I shouldn't say it, because now they will be more attentive, but my huge ego is not easy to control hahaha

Another thing that they also told me is that Mrs. Alexandria accuses me of having hacked her website and downloaded her videos to share ... I do not know when I became a hacker hahaha, but I will respond in an open letter I will write here in this forum shortly.

Well now the notices:
As you may have noticed, is still offline and now also for a few weeks, the DeepWeb is also off.

This is because finally the control of both servers definitely passed to "Foucelas", the new French Administrator to whom I sold both servers. Well, it is not really a sale, it is rather an exchange, but the thing is that now I am definitely disconnected from Fetishare and the Deep Web. But do not worry, on January 1, 2020 Fetishare will be online again but the domain will no longer be in my name and the DeepWeb will also return, but with exclusive HC content.
The details will be given by Foucelas at the time.

Of course, even if I am retired, all crushtalk puppies see me (and my supposed multiple personalities hahaha) in every inconvenience or discomfort that someone causes them. I will not lie and say that I do not like this ... quite the opposite. Bill was right about something: My ego is too big, and I don't care if you talk right or wrong about me, what matters is that you talk about me anyway. As you have already noticed: I AM INEVITABLE hahaha.

Another piece of news regarding the world of crush fetish is that, as many will have noticed, Heelme was begging for alms (and in quite pathetic and unworthy ways lol) to supposedly keep the OCMB forum online. What he was actually doing, is raising funds from the idiots who donated there, to finance his new crush fetish shop, similar to XXXFM ... He has already sown the first bases for this: In the forum section that is only for those who wasted their money, there is a crush fetish video shop section ... and is selling some of the old videos of stores that were inactive in XXXFM (in addition to other stores) ... that way they will continue to raise funds for go back to the business of selling crush fetish videos. Of course, don't believe me ... just wait ... time will prove me right ... you will soon see.

Do I have a deja vu? No one remembers that XXXFM started in a very similar way?

In a more pleasant news, I tell you that the television channel of which I am the owner, received the concession to broadcast the carnivals of Victoria and GualeguaychĂș the next carnival of 2020. They are not as large as the carnivals of Brazil, but they are the 2 most Great carnivals of Argentina.

And what does this have to do with crush fetish? You may ask. Well, it's very simple: The times I went to Victoria to see the carnivals, I found that on the floor of the street where the girls pass, they are always full of insects that fall attracted by the strong lights, and one of my great amusements it was to see how these insects were crushed by the beautiful girls with their boots and high heels while dancing totally indifferent to the massacre they left under their feet. Therefore, in my camera crew, I am going to assign one of them only to film the dancers crushing the insects in their path. I don't know how well these films will work out, but the attempt will be made to see what comes out. Of course, I will post the videos here on the Loki friend's forum so that they can be freely shared here, and even if they wish, also on OCMB and Crushtalk lol.

I accept ideas to make these videos come out as well as possible ... and do not worry about logistics, the expenses are paid by the companies sponsoring the carnival lol
Well, that's all for now, I will try to make time to spend more time in this forum ... maybe I retired from fetishare, but I will never retire from crush fetish.


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Re: I have a lot of news for you, friends...
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Hello GusThanos,
how did the carnival go?  ;)